Meet The Team

Dr. Mark Halpern chiropractorDr. Mark Halpern, D.C.

Dr. Mark Halpern graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1996 and has been in practice for almost 20 years.

Dr. Halpern provides care for people looking to regain their health, eliminate symptoms and live their best life. Through advanced training Dr. Halpern provides research based Neurological & Brain based Chiropractic care and uses State-of-the-art techniques and equipment to assess Stress levels and Brain function so that care is aimed at correcting the cause as well as the symptoms being experienced.
Dr. Halpern is also an expert in Postural rehabilitation and Spinal, Foot and Extremity mechanics. This training is why Dr. Halpern has had great success working with high performance athletes and anyone who lives and active lifestyle.

Another passion of Dr. Halpern's is caring for women during and after their pregnancy as well as babies and children of all ages. Having a healthy nervous system is a priority during these times.
Educating the community on health and wellness is a priority for Dr. Halpern and he has contributed many articles to publications throughout Toronto, including York University. He also hosted a monthly talk show on CHRY radio, and conducted lectures for the faculties of Kinesiology and Music. Dr Halpern regularly presents workshops for companies, corporations and community groups and also hosts a Wellness Workshop Series open to the public covering topics such as “Healing From Within", "Burst Training" and "Brain Based Healing".

Dr. Touraj Najafian, D.C.


Dr.Touraj Najafian graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis ,Missouri in 1996.He has owned and operated Midtown Family Chiropractic Centre since 1998.

Dr. Touraj’s mission is to educate his community on the benefits of Brain Based Neurological approach to spinal correction in achieving optimal health. His experie nce andongoing learning through continuing education seminars have allowed him to use the most researched and effective methods of correction for his patients.

Dr. Touraj is the co-founder of Team Chiropractic GTA, a dedicated group of chiropractors involved in educating the public about life long benefits of brain based healing and the importance of a healthy spine and clear nervous system.

Over the last decade Team Chiropractic GTA has raised thousands of dollars for the Children’s Make-A-Wish foundation. Being the father of two children, he has volunteered as the team trainer on many soccer and hockey teams over the last decade. This opportunity has allowed him to work with children and athletes of all ages closely and through his expertise help them recover from a wide variety of sports injuries.

Dr. Touraj has conducted dozens of workshops on health and healing at many corporations, YMCA locations and other fitness centres, as well as many local schools. He continues to conduct corporate workshops, ergonomic assessments and gait analysis to prevent and correct extremity injuries.

Dr. Touraj’s vision is to empower the people in his community to live the life of their dreams by making simple and healthy life style choices and use techniques to avoid and diminish the effects of the cause of majority of ailments, Stress.

Dr. Lauren Stethem, D.C.focused pic

Dr. Lauren Stethem (Formally, Dr.Johnson) graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with Clinical Honours.

Dr. Stethem’s priority is to help her patients regain their health, alleviate pain, eliminate symptoms, regain ability and live their best life. Dr. Stethem achieves this by using a well researched Neurological and Brain based approach to Chiropractic care. It is her goal to help you live your optimal life by correcting the causes of the problem then establishing and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Dr. Stethem is an expert in spinal health, ergonomics, postural rehabilitation, orthotics and gait analysis. She is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Associate and certified in the Webster technique. As well as being passionate about nutrition, and family wellness; including pre-natal, pregnancy, post-natal, and pediatric related care.

It is a personal goal of Dr. Stethem’s to live and help her patients get to live an active and healthy lifestyle, through delicate care, stress reduction, health and nutrition.

Dr. Stethem focuses on educating the community about health, ergonomics, and wellness through workshops for companies, corporations and community groups.

Dr. Stethem is acutely aware of the day to day stresses and impacts that your body incurs if you are working either hunched over a desk, or out on the tennis court. Whether your goal is to get back to being able to chase your grandchildren around the yard, swing a golf club, or to maximize your health during your pregnancy; Dr Stethem’s focus and drive is to help get you there.

Cozette Marcello - Chiropractic Assistant Cozette

Cozette is a wellness advocate who is also an integral part of the team at Focused On health. Along with keeping the office running smoothly she also helps educate patients on health and wellness-based lifestyles.

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