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Doctors Mark Halpern, Touraj Najafian and Lauren Stethem's goal is to effectively and passionately facilitate health and healing for their practice members. We support and inspire people to keep their minds and bodies healthy. We form a partnership with our practice members and encourage them to live the life of their dreams.

What is Brain Based Care?

nervous system

Current research is finding that the brain is involved in every aspect of human function. This includes communication from the brain to the body as well as from the body to the brain. This communication network includes major networks in the Heart (Heart Brain) and Digestive system (Gut Brain). True health and healing involves correcting any imbalances in the brain and the communication network.

Brain Based care will facilitate Healing, Eliminate Pain (e.g. Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches) and achieve Stress Relief from all forms of Stress (Physical, Chemical & Emotional).

A Balanced Brain = Health and Healing

An Unbalanced Brain = Sickness and Disease